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Social Services & Case management

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our social services & case management program

is a vital initiative designed to provide comprehensive support to our community members. Through this program, we are dedicated to extending assistance in various facets of life, including employment, housing, healthcare connections, and access to public benefits. Our team diligently engages with Iraqi communities, ensuring they are informed and connected to available resources. Utilizing a multi-lingual approach, we provide intensive case management services tailored to individual needs, facilitating pathways to stability and success. Additionally, our Cultural Navigators play a pivotal role in disseminating essential resources and information, further strengthening our support network. At IRCCW, we are committed to empowering our community through the Social Services & Case Management program, fostering resilience and prosperity for all.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

- Low Income Families & Individuals 

When: Monday - Friday

Time: 9am -5pm

Where: IRCCW Office (24401 104th Ave SE #102, Kent, WA 98030)

Want to learn more about this program? Contact us with any questions!

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