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Housing & Homelessness Prevention


The mission of YFHPI is to prevent children and youth and their families from becoming homeless.


YFHPI envisions a community where any youth or family at risk of becoming homeless will receive the level of support needed to resolve their housing crisis, to do so expeditiously, and to empower households to utilize their strengths to maintain stable housing for the future. 

Case Manager:

The role of the case manager is central to preventing homelessness for the youth and families that are served through YFHPI, while also helping to decrease inflow into the already overburdened homeless services system. Case managers assist in determining eligibility for the program and work closely with households to create goals and objectives that will help achieve on- going housing stability. This is accomplished by working closely with households to determine their individual needs and strengths and connecting to additional services as needed. The case manager provides support while allowing households to determine what works best for them to be successful.

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Dania Mzahim

Program Coordinator & Case Manager

Dania was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She lived in Jordan for five years before immigrating to the United States at nine years old. She graduated from the University of Washington Seattle Campus in 2021 with a Bachelors in Medical Anthropology and she is currently attending UW's Master's Program in Community-Oriented Public Health Practices. She aspires to help the youth of our community to get the education they deserve and become successful members of society. Dania's purpose in the Homelessness Prevention Program is to help families overcome their struggles and obstacles upon their arrival to the US through family support and case management. 

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