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At our After School Program, we implement project-based learning to engage our students and inspire their creative imaginations. Our students are able to have a deeper understanding of real-world challenges and are encouraged to find solutions. We offer homework help, as well as help our students improve their literacy levels by using specialized reading lessons for each child.

Our Arabic School provides those who want to learn Arabic the opportunity to fine-tune their knowledge. Our classes are held weekly at Kent Meridian High School for our kids and youth.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

- Elementary or middle-school age children

- Living in King County


When: Saturdays

Time: 10-12

Where: Kent Meridian High School (10020 SE 256th St, Kent, WA 98030)

Want to learn more about this program? Contact us with any questions!

Afnan Abdulwahhab 

Youth Programs

I enjoy teaching my lovely students Arabic, they are smart and they like the way that I am teaching them. I found out multiple ways so they can memorize the words. For example, for every word I show them a picture of the word and translate it to English. Also, every week I review all the words from the beginning so they keep track and remember all the words and what does it means. 

Israa Alkhamissawi

Youth Programs

I have a bachelors degree in teaching from Iraq, I am passionate about the Arabic language and a strong believer that a child should keep their first language, therefore I teach Arabic class at the Iraqi community center.

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