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Parent-Child Plus (PC+)

Our ParentChild Plus program fosters early learning through twice-weekly home visits for young children and their families.

Program Eligibility Requirements:  

- Must live in King County

- Must have a child between the ages of 16 months to 3 years

Want to learn more about this program? Contact us with any questions!


Maryam Alguburi

Parent-Child Plus Program Coordinator

Maryam was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She graduated from the University of Al-Rafedain with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Maryam has been at the IRCCW since 2019. She is now the Program Coordinator for the PC+ Program, she helps the mothers overcome their culture shock and build relationships within. Mariam immigrated to the United States in the year 2016 where she decided to start over and build a life in which she matters and brings benefits to the community. She vowed to help newly coming immigrants to become successful and overcome the struggles she went through when she first arrived.


Sawsan Alobaidi

Early Learning Specialist

I started working with IRCCW since 2018 and I visit the children in their homes. I play and teach them the colors, numbers, read stories, sing teach them the alphabetical in both Arabic & English and do other activities with them. I have been enjoying every minute I spend it with our kids and I really like helping their parents when they need. 


Leeema Zaman

Early Learning Specialist

Leema Zaman was born and raised in Afghanistan in a big family. She moved to the U.S when she was 17. Leema started her job in 2019 with an Iraqi community center as a home visitor. She worked with kids and their families, helping those families was one of the most joyful parts of her job. She is exploring new things from her job and learning new things which can be the best accomplishment of her. 

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