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Early learning & familyt support


our early learning & family support program helps

through our Home Visiting initiative, we engage with families in our community regularly, typically 2 to 4 times a month, to extend support and assistance. Within this program, families benefit from several crucial elements. Firstly, they gain valuable interaction with others within their community, fostering a sense of belonging and connection. Secondly, our team provides essential support tailored to their specific needs, addressing challenges and offering guidance. Additionally, we serve as a bridge, recommending families to other resources and services available within the community, ensuring they receive comprehensive support for their well-being and development.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

- Must be a low-income family

- Must speak Arabic

- Must live in King County

- Must have a child between the ages of birth and five years old

When: Monday - Friday

Time: 9am -5pm

Where: IRCCW Office (24401 104th Ave SE #102, Kent, WA 98030)

Want to learn more about this program? Contact us with any questions!

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