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For our Home Visiting program, we visit families in our community 2 to 4 times a month to provide them support. For these families, we are able to provide them:

1. Interaction with others in their community

2. Provide them with the support they need.

3. Recommend them to other resources in the community.

Program Eligibility:

Must be a low-income family

- Must speak Arabic

- Must live in King County

- Must have a child between the ages of birth and five years old

Want to learn more about this program? Contact us with any questions!


Adian Abdulwahhab

ELFS Program Coordinator

Adian was born in Baghdad, Iraq, she lived in Turkey for one year then immigrated to the United States at 19 years old. She Graduated from  Glendale college  in 2018 with an AS Degree and Also I have A pharmacy Teaching degree. I worked in Pharmacy for 6 years . She aspired to help all people in the  community so we can resolve all the problems that they need help with when they arrive in the U.S.A . While her purpose in the PC+ Program is to help The kids and Family stay connected to their language and culture. 


Shefa Abdallah

ELFS Early Learning Specialist

Shefa was born in Kuwait, and raised in Jordan, she came to the United States late 2014 as a refugee, and she is currently working for the IRCCW as a Family Partner in the ELFS program. Her experience in the field of children and her love for them built her passion for her job, in addition to her love for helping refugee families to meet their needs and relieve the pressure of life on them so that they can create an educated, healthy, and ready generation to live in this community. She enjoys reading and spending time with her family.   

Zainab asudani.jpeg

Zainab Asudani

ELFS Early Learning Specialist

Zainab graduated started volunteering at the IRCCW as a part of her internship, she found herself providing the refugees with translation and do case management. Now, Zainab is working as a family partner with programs ELFS. Zainab supports families who have a language barrier. Zainab is self-motivated with has exceptional communication skills in both English and Arabic. She is competent and driven to exceed goals and build long-term relationships with community members. 


Dhamyaa Al Ibidi

ELFS Early Learning Specialist

Dhamyaa was born and raised in Iraq, she immigrated to the US along with her small family in 2010. She was appointed as a Family Partner for the ELFS program. Dhamyaa provides early childhood learning activities and promotes the development of each child by supporting the family in the care and education of their children, as well as helping them to obtain resources and services and reach their goals. She found herself at IRCCW because this work is more than just a job but considers it a purely humanitarian work. She aspires to provide more for her work and for all refugees so that they reach their aspirations and ambitions, strong and optimistic. 

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